Wednesday, August 25, 2010

360 Degree Living Room Tour

Welcome to my humble abode, friends! I'm so glad you're here. Come on in and take a peek.
{Isn't it fun to anonymously snoop around other people's homes in the comfort of your pj's?}

I've had lots of requests to show this room as a whole, so I finally decided to take the plunge and give you a tour!In the past, I have featured snapshots of our living room here and there, but never have I shown the whole room together. It is defnitely a work in progress and I think that is probably why I've kept this space on the down low. It still needs work, but I love the changes so far.

When you first walk in the front door, my mantel is to the immediate left. My dad crafted this custom made mantel for me when we first bought our house almost 4 years ago. The original one was dark and ugly and I absolutely hated it. So, I showed my dad a picture of what I wanted and in days he had it whipped up and installed for me!

Next, we have our computer/cricut workspace and tv zone. The black armoire I fell in deep love with a few years back and I just HAD to have it. It is a big bold piece and I still love it. Unfortunately, the beauty of the aged black finish is lost against the chocolate walls. Note to self.....these are important things to consider when buying big ticket items. I am now seriously considering painting it white, but dreading what a big project that will be!

The couches are nice, but a bit too traditional for me. I would adore white slipcovers, but the hubby nixed that one real quick! The alternate plan is to spice this area up with some funky throw pillows and fun area rug. Anyone want to buy a 5 x 7 brown shag rug???

My wall of yard sale/thirft store frames is one of my favorite things in this room and definitely the most commented on by visitors. Again, I am dying to lighten things up by painting my piano, but the hubs has some reservations! Have you seen some of the gorgeous photos floating around out there of painted pianos........they are to.die.for.

Next we have the entrance to the hallway and bedrooms and the first opening into the kitchen. This is a very large, open room with tons of space. It presents a bit of a design challenge, but we opted to create different "zones" throughout the room which makes it nice. It breaks up the space, making it feel more cozy while still using the space efficiently. We basically live in this room. Most of our daily activities happen right here.'s great for parties, which is always a nice bonus!

The back half of the room opens into the kitchen. I hated that dividing wall when we first moved in, but it proved to be the perfect space for a makeshift mudroom. As soon as the kids come in from school, they can throw their shoes in the basket by the front door and hang their backpacks up in a flash. And although I wish it looked this clean all the time, the reality is a bit different.

This is the cold hard truth of it all. But, you know what? I am totally ok with this. It is functional and very well used. And, just for the record.....yes, we have winter coats and scarves hanging here in the middle of 100 degree August. I'm just keepin it real, people!

Remember when I said I was making throw pillows for the boring brown couches? These are just a few of the fabrics I ordered to make them with. Aren't they gorgeous and so fun? My newest obsession is Hawthorne Threads. They have the most beautiful selection of fabrics and great prices. I've been window shopping there for a while, but finally took the plunge and ordered 5 yards of sumptuous, funky, fresh fabric! I can hardly wait to get it in the mail. I was suprprised when I got an e-mail the morning after I ordered, that the package had already been shipped out. And priority mail, at that! Now, to convince my hubby (the one with the mad sewing skills) to sew me up some giant pillows!

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Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. I love the CREATE on the wall. The room looks so put together but, also gives the feeling like anyone would be comfortable .

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Amanda, I think this is a really pretty room. It's so cute and cozy. I really love the armoire in black. Not that you asked for my advice but I wouldn't paint it. I'd paint the walls a lighter color. I do love the brown walls though. It makes the room feel warm and inviting. Just giving my 2 cents. :) Now I want to see what your dining area looks like.

1 Funky Woman said...

Lovely, just lovely! I think the armoire is a great piece what about a color like a golden yellow so you have a pop of color in the room! Your craft area is wonderful!

NanaDiana said...

Love the armoire too...and although I am a "white" decorator (or used to be moreso) I really like this piece in black. It is dramatic and begs to be looked at. I would probably do lighter walls too just so it would "pop"...although I love the chocolate too! lol Now have we totally confused you? Diana

Stephanie said...

Oh Amanada, it looks beautiful. So warm and cozy. If you wanted the beautiful black cabinet to pop, you could do one of the stencils on the front panel, or change the color of just that one wall to a the aqua you have in the room. Or even paint the ceiling part above it aqua. But, really it all looks so lovely, and adding more color on the rug and pillows may just do it for you.

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

I heart your living room for so many reasons...color, functionality, coziness...

Thanks for sharing!


Jen @ said...

Beautiful Amanda! I love your home. I am sure the pillows will be so cute. I also have a brown couch and I was thinking I need to make some cute pillows for it. I love Hawthorne Threads!


Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

So so pretty! Brown, blue and cream is one of my FAVORITE color combos

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I looove your room. It's fun and put-together and so pretty!! Do you remember which font you used for the "Keep Calm" piece?

SarahJarnagin said...

Your living room is great!!! It's so pulled together! Love it. My question.... the tablecloth in your kitchen... I love it! Do you know the details of it? :)

Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

What a lovely home you have! Sooo beautiful!


Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

I think it all came together so nicely. Love the brown and blues together. You sure got a knack for this decorating thing. Great Job.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Beautiful room! All rooms should kind of come together as a work in progress. It evolves to become YOUR space. (That's part of the fun, right?!)

Nicola said...

Thanks for sharing your space! I love what you have done with this room - it's a "real" room!
Can't wait to see what some bright throw cushions will do for the area!

Have a great weekend.


Richella Parham said...

I love your living room, Amanda! It looks great.

Can I ask what color your walls are? I mean, they're obviously brown--but do you know the specific paint color? Thanks!

Michelle said...

Your home is just beautiful, Amanda! It's very welcoming and cozy :) I love the chocolate brown on your's in my kitchen/dining area. You've got great style, girl!

Have a great weekend!
~Michelle :)

nina@themissadventuresofnina said...

You have a very lovely home, I love every bit of it

Anonymous said...

I love how your makeshift mudroom blends in so well with the walls. It really looks like it belongs there. I have a wall just like that when you enter into my house & I hated it until I saw what you did with yours. Thanks for inspiring!

Jeni G said...

wow! i wonder if i could keep my laundry room so crisp and organized...but i want to try! I really like the glass jar with your laundry soap!

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