Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silver Leaf Boxes

Ok, I am officially in LOVE with silver leafing. I bought a box of 500 sheets several months ago on e-bay with the intention of using it on a piece of furniture. But I am a big fat chicken and have never gotten around to forcing myself to do it. I thought I'd take baby steps and build up to it. My first project was this silver leaf starburst mirror I made out of free paint stirrers. It was a bit sketchy at times, but I muddled through and it turned out pretty good. There is defintiely a learning curve when it comes to this technique, but I am beginning to feel like I have it now. The lovely silver leaf storage box in the above picture was originally a green cardboard box from Ikea.

I've had these boxes for at least 7 years and I love them still, but the green just isn't in my color pallette anymore. They've been hidden in my closet as extra storage. I also have a white set that sit on the shelves above my computer. I believe the set of three was, and still is, $9.99 at Ikea!

Like I said, the silver leaf sheets I got a great deal for on e-bay. The adhesive size I purchased at Hobby Lobby. It is a rather small bottle, bit I think I only used a quarter of it on all three boxes. Basically, you brush on a thin layer of the adhesive and let dry till tacky. Then you ever so carefully lay the leafing sheets on, overlapping just a bit as you go. With each application, you use a soft flat paintbrush to lightly brush away any excess leafing. It is not hard, but definitely a tedious process with a learning curve. Practice makes perfect, they say!

I am sooooooo in lust with these boxes now. I love how the silver leaf even picked up the texture of the boxes. And I was surprised to see how the leafing adhered to even the thread stiching around the lids and base. The fabric pulls, I tucked under the lid so that they would remain intact.

This is an extremely messy process! Be prepared to have silver bits in your hair, on your clothes, and pretty much covering every single surface in your home. Unless of course, you're super smart and decide to tackle this kind of thing outside!

Swoon.....I am in love with a cardboard box!

I replaced my white set for this picture to see how they'd look against my chocolate brown walls. I'm not loving it, so the white ones went back up. However, I have big plans for these gorgeous boxes in the near future!

They will be going on the shelves (that sit half finished in the gargage) above my work table. I believe this half finished project thing is becoming a disturbing theme around here. It seems everywhere I look, I see unfinished projects belonging to me or my hubby. We are sick, sick people and just might need an intervention.

I want to use this starburst mirror I made in my workspace as well. I think it will compliment the silver leaf boxes perfectly! Now, if I could only finish this project to completion we'd be in business. Wish me luck, ask me about it frequently, and keep me accountable people!!!


  1. Oh wow!! Those are so cool. I silver leafed a frame ten years ago, but I love your plan of doing furniture. What a great idea!

    Love those containers! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!


  2. Love your boxes!! I must have several sets, which mean I need to plan it out, since Ikea is 1.5 hours away...! Im scared when starting a project too! Especially when I think, "Is it going to be as nice as it looks in my mind?"
    Thanks for sharign!!!

  3. I've never tried silver leafing and now you've intrigued me. I love both your boxes and starburst mirror. I'll bet you'll soon do another project with silver leafing!

  4. GORGEOUS!!!! I might just try and work up the nerve to try out this technique now :0)

  5. I have seen that done on tv but never have used it myself. I love your boxes, they look expensive.

  6. Loving your silver leaf. I was into gold leafing a few years ago and gold leafed a lot of Now it's a silvery world out there, isn't it? You did a great job!!! I know what you mean about projects that need to be finished...and even worse are those that need to be started. Baby steps...Diana

  7. I love it! I totally didn't think to buy silver leaf on ebay and will have to look in to it now. I had a project I wanted to do but silver leaf in a hobby store is expensive!

  8. I love the silver leaf boxes!!! I would never have guessed you covered them yourself. Great job. Kind of jealous too. :)

  9. Darlin',
    Great job with the silver leaf...I have been doing gold-silver-bronze leafing for years...a tip..keep an old shower curtain liner for this purpose..also, have your vacuum ready (the hose part), also, I wouldn't suggest trying this outside - I have, and all kinds of "stuff" gets in the sizing, and the leaf floats away with the slightest breeze...
    Again, you did great!

  10. Amanda,

    I have been dying to silver leaf something... Your boxes look gorgeous, I see a trip to IKEA in my future!

    Best wishes,

  11. Serious swoonage! What an amazing result.

  12. I silver leafed a mirror frame a few years ago. yup, it's messy - but so pretty! Love your metallic silver boxes now!

  13. SO pretty. Very, very pretty. Good job!

    I've always wondered if gold and/or silver leafing would be easier if you spray-painted the item to be leafed (is that a word?) gold or silver before you started.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your work table area when you get it all done! Your room is really gonna rock!

  14. I've never tried Silver leafing but it looks neat! I love how the boxes look. They look great against the brown wall!

  15. Oh, love those boxes, with silver leafing. Must try that one. Also, glad to have you back in Bloggerville. Missed ya. And congrats to your parents. How wonderful. . . Their family will miss them, but oh, what a great blessing to them and to you. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.


  17. I just found your blog - and am a new follower! I'm excited to see what piece of furniture you silver leaf! The boxes look great. :o)

  18. That's such a great idea! I love it!!

    check me out

    follow please!

  19. You have the patience of a saint with all that silver leaf! I tried what I thought would be a simple project..WRONGO However, I purchased the spray adhesive of the same product you used. I think the answer is to use the product you chose. You've given me inspiration to give it a go again. Your projects look fabulous!!!

  20. LOVE how your boxes turned out. Love'em. Silbver leafing really makes something so simple look so glamorous. :) I silver leafed a chest and nightstand some time back. Feel free to check'em out,

  21. My first project was this silver leaf starburst mirror I made out of free paint stirrers. ...


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